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Utilising specialised gutter cleaning equipment: enables quick, safe and Unobtrusive way to keep water flowing through your gutters. which is important to prevent damage to building brick work and reduce damp coming into the property.
By using the Highreach process: means no expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers. making the process more efficient and cheaper.

Why Have Your Gutters Cleaned


The gutters on any building protect it against the harsh effects water can have.


If you fail to maintain your guttering properly you could be putting your property it at risk.


If your gutter is blocked water can run into walls & cause no end of problems.


It is recommended by the Building Establishment that gutters are inspected / cleared at least once if not twice a year, ignoring a problem can result in serious damage to your property.

Why choose us
Our gutter cleaning service is carried out using a high reach vacuuming system.
There is no mess as it sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet & dry vacuum system.
The use of pole mounted vacuums means that we are able to reach up to 12 metres high from the safety of the ground.
The use of this impressive system allows us to clean gutterings, gullies & downpipes for a fraction of the cost of hiring scaffolding or platforms and eliminates  the danger of using ladders.


Prices start from £25.00, this covers approx 15meters of guttering.


An average terraced house front and back would be £35.00


Semi Detached £45.00


Detached £60.00


Free on site quotation, no obligation...


Call:- 01706 354534 for more info

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